Labour Needs Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

For too long the Labour Party has played the central ground leaving the British public with little choice who governs this country. I supported Ed Miliband at the last election it was really a case of ‘oh god we have got to get the vile Tories out.’

I stand up, not always quietly, for what I believe in. With Miliband’s resignation the Labour Party I and many other members want to see is one that returns to the grass roots. We have four candidates to choose from, three of whom are so Tory they make Dave Cameron et al look like commies. Labour does not need the centralist Thatcheristic policies of Tony Blair for god’s sake. Good grief he took us into a war, an illegal war which we are still having to deal with.

The whole point of an Opposition is that it opposes the ruling party. Why are the likes of Harriet Harman and Liz Kendall lying down in meek acquiescence when the working and vulnerable people of this country are screaming out? Jeremy Corbyn, Dennis Skinner and Diane Abbot can hear that scream and are fighting back. This country needs a strong voice to say ‘No’ to the ruling elite as they try to destroy our country with austerity, selling off the NHS and the breakdown of human rights.

Corbyn has stormed through the leadership contest from that of rank outsider to being the strongest and most supported candidate. That tells me there is room in the public opinion for radical change. There is a whole generation out there that has never had an alternative to Thatcherism and now is the time to change that. Jeremy Corbyn can do that. This country needs that.