Sound Bite Politics

The Boy Poet

Government of austerity
with a minor majority
unheard voices shout
feet pounding on a city streets
a pulsing rhythm
echoed line by line
we’re in it together
disabled men vilified
for serving the state
in the wars of political chaos
words, meaningless and empty
another broken promise
in a manifesto of lies
poverty the new black
as the bitch in her grave smiles
unsilenced the voice of resistance
says we’re in it alone

©JG Farmer 2015

Form: Free Verse

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No to Zero Hour Contacts – The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Members of SPA joined forces with Unite in Swindon today to demonstrate against the Zero Hour contracts and working conditions for employees of Sports Direct. Outside the town’s branch of the store protestors talked to members of the public, many of whom signed the Unite petition in support of Sports Direct’s workers.

Source: No to Zero Hour Contacts – The People’s Assembly Against Austerity